Josef Betschart AG is specialized in manufacturing high voltage transformers since 1971. We are focused on highest individuality – wether small batch series or one of a kind.

For example look at our high voltage transformers:


• Encapsulated high-voltage transformers
• Extensive experience in designing and constructing high voltage transformers
• Benefits: light, smaller, better, more environmentally friendly as they do not use oil as an insulator

Product range
• High-voltage single-phase transformers
• High-voltage three-phase transformers
• High-voltage choke coils
• Transformers with separate galvanically isolated high voltage windings
• Made in accordance with customer requirements
• Project is always done with close cooperation with the customer
• Power range from several VA to tens of kVA

  Examples of applications
• Production of laser beams (metal processing)
• Production of ozone (environmental technology)
• Plasma technology (plasma metal spraying of nonmetallic materials)
• Diagnostic techniques (eg. insulation control)
• Medical techniques (eg. X-ray techniques)

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